Most Useful Programming Languages for Hacking

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Here is the Most Useful Programming Languages for Hacking that every hacker know

1.Assembly Language

🔸Purpose: Reverse Engineering

🌀Let’s begin with low-level programming. Assembly Language is complicated to understand but it is very useful for hackers who want to perform reverse engineering on certain applications. Assembly language is used for instructing any hardware or software directly that is why it’s best for reverse Engineering.


🔸Purpose: Create Exploits

🌀Python is the best high-level language for writing exploits. Python Socket Programming helps a lot in learning exploit creation.

🌀There are many more advantages, we have mentioned in our article: Why Python Programming Language is very useful for Hackers.

3.C or C++

🔸Purpose: Create Exploits

🌀C language is the base of all high-level programming languages.

🌀The whole UNIX operating system is developed using C programming.

🌀C++ brings all the modern object-oriented concepts C programming.

🌀You must understand any of these two languages to understand exploit writing.


🔸Purpose: Web hacking and pentesting

🌀PHP is one of the best dynamic web scripting languages.

🌀It is the server-side scripting language that can be used to write exploits for the web servers and the web applications.

🌀You also require the knowledge of HTML along with PHP.


🔸Purpose: Web hacking and pentesting

🌀Javascript is the great language for client-side programming on websites and applications.

🌀Recently, it has become very popular and also dominating server sided programming with the node.js framework.

🌀Understanding JavaScript code logic can help you find the web-apps flaw.


🔸Purpose: Database Hacking

🌀SQL is used to communicate with the database server.

🌀Each and every data is stored in the database so you should know about database programming and vulnerability as it is the most sensitive part of Web.

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