How to track the location of the phone

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Here you will learn How to track the location of the phone.

For this purpose, a number of applications from Google, as well as separate blah blah utilities, which are some kind of social direction finders, for example, Life360, have been created.

The principle of operation of both those and others is based on the collection and processing of data from technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM and others.

Track location using Google Maps

The function for tracking is built-in as standard in the Google Maps application. And it’s called “Location Reporting.

To track the location of the phone you will need:

This application, both on your device and on someone else’s

Access to someone else’s device

Data of the Google account used on the last

So, go to Google maps, on the phone whose location you want to track. Open the settings tray and go to the “Location Reporting” function.

Here, click “Start” and select how long the device will show its location. Now mark to whom it will be visible (from contacts).


Before that, you must add your account (which will see the location data) to the contacts on the device.

You should see a message stating that you are showing the other person where you are.

You should see a message stating that you are showing the other person where you are.

Still wanna know

It remains to log in to your device in GM (it must be connected to the account that you specified in the contacts on another device). At the top, select the icon of the person you will be tracking. That’s it, you can see its location.

NOTE You can also allow another device to see your location.

INTERESTING Previously, the tracking function was also in the social service Google+. And in GM, using the Show Where I am command, you could reveal your location to someone. Now, the developers have finalized the command “Show where I am” in the new function “Transfer location”. When you select “Friends on the map” in Google+, you will be automatically transferred to GM

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